David Boyer, Plagiarist

Boyer sends me an average of four to nine nasty threatening emails a day for several days out of each week.

He has totally obfuscated the fact that he stole from twenty authors, including Jane Baxter. It is now all about his claims of harassment and cyber crimes against by the protesting authors and artists who are among his victims.

In Boyerland, he is allowed to steal things from everyone he wishes to, but we are not allowed to protest this fact.


There now. I think I have made that very clear. For more on this you can start with these two blogs: B thoughtful and Rusty Nail

David Boyer, plagiarist

So far we have found over 14 authors who were ripped off by David Boyer. He also ripped off a cover from Activision. The following links are to websites that have been tracking him.

The Writer and the White Cat is Rick Moore's blog. One of Rick's stories, Electrocuting Clowns, was not only sold over and over again by Boyer, it was recommended for a stoker and the recs were coming in fast and furious. HWA took it down. They also took down a book by Boyer that was close to reaching a nomination when it was discovered that the majority of the stories were plagiarized.

The Rusty Nail has been covering the Boyer mess for several weeks.

Another Cussedness Drive by, my snark and general purpose blog has several articles up about Boyer, including an exchange of email with him.

Writer Beware added their voice to it after a number of us contacted Victoria.

This fellow has to be stopped.

The war that wasn't.

Happily both parties are now happy. The war has been called off. And I'm getting a good-natured ribbing over some of it on one my posts on the rant blog.

Don't you just love flamewars?

Stephen Theaker wants a war

buffysquirrel and I had a bit of a war with Stephen Theaker at goodreads two years ago. He was encouraging Philbin to extradite me for defamation of character over a review I did. Since then the US passed a law preventing things like that from happening.

The UK's libel laws are curiously in favor of the one filing a butthurt report.

Most of the lulz will arrive at my rant blog at Another Cussedness Drive By

I haven't lost a fight yet. So this ought to be fun.

Long time, no blog

Odd how long a bout of depression can linger.

I dropped a lot of things that were stressing me out and finally crawled back out of my cave and poked my head up into the sunshine again.

The publishing schedule is:

July 15th,

Curse of El Bastardo by bondo_ba (Fixed it, Gustavo!)
Dragon Insurrection by ghostposts

August 15th,

Web of Lies by Sarah Tate
Blood Lies (Dark Brothers of the Light book 9) by Yours Truly

We are relaunching the messageboard at Whistling in the Darkzone on June 21.

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The Shadowed Princes, the final book in the Lycan Blood series has been successfully up loaded to kindle and smashwords. It should be out by Friday.

My company, Daverana Enterprises, is also proud to bring you Dragon Creed by Susie Hawes. It should be available on Kindle by Friday.

"When you're the only dragon in a country where magic is illegal, what's a dragon gonna do? Fechum is an old dragon, lonely and crippled. Farquarte is his human apprentice. The society they live in is oppressive, over-regulating its citizens and suppressing its magical people. Farquarte decides the government needs an attitude change.

Join him and his beleaguered cohorts as they lock horns with the system. Viva La Revolucion!"

Lycan marriage customs and more

The newest installment in Sins of Innocence is up at blogspot

So as not to overwhelm the blog readers, I have been keeping them to no more than two scenes depending up length. From now on, I will be referring to them as installments rather than chapters. Next week’s is a very long scene, so I’ll be using a standard text cut there.

Lycan Marriage customs</a>

Book six of the lycan blood series has been uploaded to kindle and should be available no later than Friday.

The oldest marriage and courtship customs of the lycans (which have mostly died out) were based more on their innate wolfish natures than on their acquired humanity. They aimed at proving that a male could be resourceful, strong and determined. One of them is the Wild Cousins Courtship, which features in the Lycan Blood series.

It was a rite of chase and capture and assumed that a female would be as resourceful in the woods as the male. It was initiated by the female, who threw the challenge at a suitor. It had a set number of days for each event to happen. The male had to accept the challenge or abandon the courtship of the female. The male could not change into a wolf during this period unless the female changed first and was given a head start so that she could disappear into the woods. If the chase was initiated during the daylight, then it lasted until nightfall and vice versa. He had to track, trap, and mate with her to prove that he was worthy. A clever female could avoid him until the time ran out. The courtship lasted for a year and a day. If the female defeated the male’s efforts, then he was forbidden to ever associate with her again. In the backstory to the lycan novels, Aisha defeated Claw up until the last day when she realized she had fallen in love with him and allowed him to capture her.

Eventually this style of courtship fell out of favor as the lycan communities grew in size and complexity. It was replaced by a system of courting a family as well as the daughter. The suitor would give courting gifts to the parents to gain their permission to marry their daughter. Tobacco and liquor (and other more expensive items if the suitor was wealthy) were given to the father. Sweets and household goods were given to the mother. And, of course, gifts for the daughter being courted.

As the lycans adopted more humanish customs, this tradition evolved into brideprice.

Marvin the Martian Damnit

I spent three hours on the phone comforting a friend who recently lost her husband. Toward the end we had fallen to reminiscing about old times. We've been friends for fifteen years now.

I got both of us laughing over something that happened in 96. We went to a worldcon in Anaheim. We drove there for the day on the first day, as I had a panel and then drove back. Second day, Somtow offered to let us crash on his floor.

It was me, Dianna, and my daughter, Sovay. Sovay was 12. She ran rampant with Somtow, her godfather, giving her money to spend. She showed up at 1AM and I told her to get some sleep, but instead she bolted down the hallway heading for the all night movie room. I ran after her yelling, and people in the halls were hollering to me "She went thataway" and I caught her and dragged her back to the room.

I had given her a Marvin the Martian clock that had the following as an alarm. Marvin popped out of the spaceship and said, "Wake up Earthling. You haven't got all lightyear" until you turned the alarm off.

Two hours later, at 3AM the clock goes off. It woke Dianna and I. We blundered around unable to get our eyes fully open trying to locate Sovay's back pack and the damned clock.

Throughout the search, Sovay slept peacefully. Dianna kept muttering in this sleep drenched voice, "Damnit, Sovay. Damnit, Sovay." Eventually she floundered her way to the clock and got the alarm turned off.

Now, what possessed my kid to set the alarm for 3AM in the first place?

A plot to wake mom?


New chapter up

I have a new chapter up at Curmudgeonzone

The tale has returned at last to Rowanhart to deal with mentioned in the epilogue to the final Journey of the Sacred King novels.

I have finally revealed which of the children is the Sacred Child. I know that a lot of people believed it would be Isranon. However, it wasn't.

I played fair with the readers. All of the clues were there.

Yeah, I know. Sometimes it is difficult to tell which are the clues and which are the red herrings.

But I am totally UNapologetic if the red herrings misled anyone. That's part of the fun.